How to Transmit YouTube Traffic to Your Website and Boost Sales


YouTube has millions of daily visitors and this makes it a great source of web traffic. You need to create a video for your content and the rest will be done with various steps. A high-quality video will result with high Google ranking and more visitors.

The following tips will help you drive unlimited traffic through YouTube videos.

1. Attractive Presentation

Content of the video must be engaging. You can add funny and informative content to make them stay and watch the complete video. You need to make the video look good and it can be done with the help of video editing tools. You should also add high quality audio because it’s the most important part of a video. The overall presentation should be clean, and the resolution of the video should be as high as possible.

2. Add SEO Optimized Engaging Title

Title of the video is very important as people visit the video only by getting attracted to the title. So, the title should be very attractive and contain the targeted keyword. Keywords helps to boost SERPs of the video. The description and tags should also contain main and long tail keywords.

3. Add logo and Website URL

Website URL and logo must be attached in your video to make it look reliable. It is suggested that the URL should be attached after 3rd or 4th slide of video. Or you can also show URL and Logo throughout the entire video.

4. Create a Series

Instead of showing the complete thing in a single video, you can split the content as a continuous series to engage the visitors to your channel. Video should be short. Not more than 3 minutes. The next video should be released as per the scheduled time you have shown in the current video.

5. Share at Online Platforms

After publishing the video, you must share it on various online platforms. You can also create a blog or article and embed the video with content and publish them. Submitting your video on various websites and social media platforms like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Digg, etc. will help your website in getting socials signals as you have linked your website URL in the video.

6. Include Your Contact Email

You should include your email address in the video, so that your audience can contact you.

7. Reply Comments

You must reply positively to comments posted for your video. If there is query, try to clear their doubt with an exact solution. If there is a positive comment, don’t forget to thank them for their appreciation. If there are terribly negative comments, don’t hesitate to delete them too.

YouTube can be a very effective source of traffic if used correctly. By following the above provided tips you can see a growing number of visitors. Try them and enjoy quality traffic.

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