LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Small Business


Social media is the best way to boost your traffic generation efforts for your business. Whether it’s small or large, social media helps them all in driving traffic to them.

According to LinkedIn,

“The site has 560 Million members, 61 Million senior-level influencers, and 40 Million decision-makers using the website.”

With such a big user base, LinkedIn has become one of the most effective social media networks that can help you drive in quality traffic for your products and services. It builds credibility and accuracy for your business.

LinkedIn not only helps in driving quality traffic but also in taking your business to the next level.  Almost all of the small businesses share the same objective of having an online presence & to have increased quality traffic that ultimately brings in sales & profits.

The following are the tried and true strategies for small business:

1. Self-branding:

Whenever you promote your brand in an offline space, your target audience check out your business online to know more about your business.

Your LinkedIn profile makes their search easy and they can discover you easily. Your profile helps in showcasing your work to your target audience.

To bring in more profits you can enhance your profile by adding videos, images and a sales sheet to your profile, this will help in increasing the credibility of your profile.   

2. Boost your online presence:

LinkedIn has become one of the most effective way of boosting your online presence. Your LinkedIn company profile is a free marketing tool and not a replacement for your site, but it helps you drive traffic to boost your sales.

It also gives small businesses a chance to connect with their potential customer and increases brand awareness. Make sure you use appropriate keywords and phrases for your company page. This will help your company page get higher SERPs.

3. Increases sales:

Your LinkedIn connections help you to increase sales. Your LinkedIn connections and network affect your sales and assist to increase them.  Through advanced search capabilities, small businesses can target big companies which are beneficial for their business in every manner.

It also helps small businesses to get connected to the big companies, relationships which can be beneficial for them. You can make use of LinkedIn’s ability for creating connections and growing your brand with just positive word of mouth. 

4. Targets correct audience:

Your LinkedIn contacts carry many potential customers in them. Use search options in LinkedIn to search for potential customers who need your services.

Define your campaign and use a combination of filters to define various audiences whom you’d like to engage.

Send personalized email invitations to these potential customers. You can also request them through common contacts, in this way you won’t get spams for others.

Just like other social media, LinkedIn also helps in improving your online presence and drive your target audience which helps in building brand loyalty and credibility. LinkedIn is not an option for small businesses. It helps them to create brand awareness and brings in a target audience which helps in driving sales.

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